Death Betty

The Story So Far 2: Thunderspire...

Danger Beneath Minotaur Mountain!

After a brief hassle with some mischeivous fairy folk on their journey, and more clear signs of slaver raids, the young advenurers reached the imposing Thunderspire Mountain. Jutting from the plain up into stormy clouds that gave it its name, they learned that Thunderspire had once held the vast Minotaur City of Sarrun Khel. Long since fallen into ruin all that remained now was a small merchant town, The Seven-Pillared Hall, protected by a group known as the Mages of Sarrun from the horrors and dangers of the Laberyth all around it.

The travelers didn’t have to wait long upon entering the mountain the have a run-in with the Bloodreaver slavers. They rescued the halfling Rendil Halfmoon from them before even reaching the Hall itself, earning his thanks and free room and board at his Aunt’s inn. With Rendil’s help they quickly tracked down the Bloodreaver hold and wiped the slavers out. Unfortunately the slaves they had taken recently, and any sign of the black box had already changed hands, sold to the Grimmerzhul Duergar. Drat.

Tracking down the Duergar had to take a backseat though, first to the Saruun Khel Festival Run, a huge town-wide celebration based on old Minotaur legends. (It was durring these revels that the group settled on the name “Death Betty” as the result of a drinking contest). Secondly they were distracted by an earthquake that interupted the festival’s climax and almost brought the whole mountain down on everyone’s head. When the party recovered they discovered Splug had gone missing! The earthquake proved to be unnatural, brought about by the minions of a rougue Mage of Sarrun and had to be delt with, as did a werewolf who went down only after affecting two of the party with moon fever, and Splug was still MIA.

Finally the part got a firm lead on Splug, one that lead them back to the Grimmerzhul Duergar. A raid on the Duergar Trading House in the Hall won the group a map to The Horned Hold the Duergar base of operations in the Laberynth and presumably where Spug and the slaves were being held…



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