Death Betty

The Story So Far...

They made it this far, how?

When six young adventurers paid for a class with the renowned hero of the last Litch War, Duvan Stahl, the last thing they expected was to have to come to his rescue. Yet, when he disappeared before the class could begin that’s exactly what happened. The students were engaged by Stahl’s wife to find her husband (and hopefuly get their class-fees back). They soon tracked him to the small town of Winterhaven, which was having a problem with Kobald raids.

The raids soon proved to be merely a symptom of a greater threat: the sourceror Kalred was employing the creatures from his haunt deep below the ancient ruins of Shadowfell Keep. Kalred sought to exploit the dimensional rift that had destroyed the old Keep to open a portal to the temple of his master Orcus, demon undead prince, on the plain of Shadowfell. With guidence from the odd magician Vainen and help from a recued half-goblin named Splug the party saved Stahl, fought their way to Kalred’s burried temple, and ended his evil plans.

Unfortunately, the wizard Vainen was not what he seemed. Enraged that the heroes had not also recovered a box Duvan Stahl had been bringing to him, he turned on them and attacked. The sealed box held a relec of the Litch War: the malevolent Eye of Vecna. When the adventurers fought back, Vainen was revealed as not the human mage he appeared at all, but a gnome illusionist seeking the Eye for his own power. He vowed revenge on them for their failure and vanished.

Stunned, the adventurers knew that they couldn’t let the Eye of Vecna fall into Vainen’s hands (and at least one among them coveted its power for himself). They quickly picked up the box’s trail with the slavers who had given Duvan to Kalred in the first place, and headed east after them, to distant Thunderspire mountain…



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