Death Betty

Into the Horned Hold!

The players track the Duergar to their lair...

Death Betty now held a map to the Duergar’s subterranean keep within the Thunderspire Labyritnh. They gathered at the exit to the Hall an awaited the arrival of the Kobald snitch who had promissed to gather intell in exchange for a not insubstantial fee. The kobald’s failure to show was in-part explained by a pool of blood and wolf tracks leading away from the Hall into the laberynth. It didn’t take them long to realize what this meant… Terleen was alive, and on the hunt in the Laberynth. Petty floated the idea of going after her rather than Splug, but the group knew that finding Terleen would not lift the curse, and everyone agreed that having Splug along to help in that fight could likely be invaluable.

So, eyes on the shadows, they set out for the Horned Hold…



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